Got A Boat With An Outboard Motor? How To Keep The Motor In Great Condition

A boat provides you and your family with hours of fun in the sun. If you live in a warm climate, you can enjoy your boat for most of the year. To make sure your boat runs well for you, you need to keep it maintained. One thing you need to do is to keep the outboard motor in great condition. Follow the tips below, and you and your family will not have to worry about something going wrong with your boat motor. Read More 

Preparing For A Salmon Fishing Trip In British Columbia

Nothing compares to the taste of a freshly caught wild salmon, taken from the cold rivers feeding the Pacific Ocean. Every fisherman should experience the waters of British Columbia at least once, especially during salmon season. But it takes more than enthusiasm to come away with a trophy catch; before you set out on your fishing trip, you'll need all of the right information, licensing and gear to ensure that you don't end up empty-handed. Read More