3 Imperative Repair Services Your Bike Technician Can Offer

If you own a bicycle, routine maintenance to keep it in good working condition and to ensure safety while riding is a must. It is inevitable that at some point most bicycles will require repair from a bike technician. From bent tire rims to suspension adjustments, bicycle repair shops do it all. If you're wondering what types of services bike repair shops typically offer, here's a rundown:

1. Bike Safety Inspection: As a responsible bike owner, you'll want to be certain that your bike has no defects or damage that could pose a safety threat while riding. Most bike shops offer safety inspections for their customers. How often you go for a bike safety check would depend upon how frequently you use your bike. Basic safety inspections include checking air pressure in the tires, inspecting the brake pads to ensure they are not worn down, and checking the chain for looseness and to be sure it has no rusted parts. As a final measure, most technicians will take the bike on a test ride before it is ready to be returned.

2. Bike Suspension Service: If you have been experiencing a bumpy ride, you may need to have your bike's suspension checked and adjusted. Static friction may cause the bike's suspension pistol to become immobile. In such a case, the air spring assembly may need repair or replacement. Air pistons and air piston seals may also need replacing. The fork brushing is another part of the suspension that will be inspected and repaired or replaced as needed. Your bike technician has the expertise to do the job right.

3. Wheel Replacement or Repair: This perhaps is one of the more common types of bike repairs that are offered. A wheel may become bent, buckled, or dented by impact or force. This may occur from riding into a curb or tree, or even from riding into a pothole in the road. Dented wheel rims may press against the brake pads as you ride, and this could be a safety hazard. In some cases, the wheel and surrounding spokes can be repaired by a bicycle technician, although extensive damage may call for a wheel replacement.

If you have any bike related questions pertaining to repair, maintenance, or safety, don't hesitate to ask your local repair technician. He or she can advise you on everything from handlebar tape installation to the proper way to safely store a bike. The shop will also most likely sell parts and accessories to make your bike riding more safe and enjoyable.