Outfit Your Daughter For Horseback Riding Lesson

If you're planning on taking your daughter for horseback riding lessons, then you need to make sure that she is properly outfitted. She is going to want to have her own equestrian clothing and gear (not things like saddles, for instance, which will be on hand). Here's the three main things you will need to get her for safety, style, and comfort during lessons and competitions.

Riding Gloves

You don't want her hands getting blistered and torn up while she's riding. She is going to have to hold on to the horses reins, and this can tear into her skin. That's why you see people wear gloves when riding. Don't try and substitute something like winter gloves because they won't be durable enough and can rip. Also, normal winter gloves are too thick. You want her to have an excellent grip on the reins.

Breeches or Jodhpurs

Instead of having her wear jeans, or slacks, you can pick out either breeches of jodhpurs. The two items are both basically pants for riding, with the main difference being that jodhpurs finish lower on the ladies leg. Most young riders will wear jodhpurs, but teens and older women tend to like breeches. Breeches will ended higher up on the leg, so they are better suited for the adult style riding books (not the jodhpurs boots popular with young ladies). It's important to take into account the type of boots she will be wearing. If she is wearing high calf boots, she will need breeches.

A Horse Riding Helmet Designed For Women

Probably the most important accessory to get your daughter is a good horse riding helmet. This is absolutely essential because it will protect her from any head injuries. When she is first learning to ride she will encounter difficulties managing the horse, and she needs to be protected in case she gets thrown from the horse and lands on the ground.

A good women's horse riding helmet is small, stylish, but also super protective. You want to make sure that the helmet has adjustable straps so that your daughter can secure it snugly to her head. When the horse breaks into a gallop, you don't want the helmet to slip off, so the straps are extremely important. Two other features to look for include a removable, washable liner, and nice airflow venting.

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