Maximize Your Chances of Trout-Fishing Success with the Right Use of Powerbait

Trout are a very popular quarry among those who enjoy freshwater fishing. Since trout love to strike on live bait, many people opt to purchase nightcrawlers or mealworms and place them on a hook. The trouble here is that smaller fish such as bluegills strike—and steal—the same live bait. Another option for trout is dough-like powerbait, a manufactured bait that trout love and that nuisance fish avoid. Powerbait is relatively simple to use, but there are a few steps that must be put into action in order to maximize results when chasing trout.

Research What the Trout Are Hitting

Upon looking over the various selections of powerbait, a customer quickly discovers there are many different options to choose from. The color of the bait may be green, yellow, pink, or something else. Certain baits may be scented with garlic while others come with no scent. The time of the season and the particulars of a specific stream or lake contribute to a trout's ability to see and smell bait. Read fishing reports and ask for recommendations prior to buying any powerbait. Otherwise, the powerbait may prove ineffective.

Scoop the Bait with a Tool

Don't jam fingers into the powerbait jar. Use a special powerbait spoon or scoop. Otherwise, the bait may pick up on a human scent, and this could chase the fish away. If the bait needs to be smoothed out, wear clean gloves when molding the bait to the hook. Do not use gloves that were washed with any detergent. Smart predators such as trout pick up on things that are out of the ordinary. Bait with an odd smell is not going to draw fish in.

Leave a Tiny Amount of Hook Exposed

A hook can be effectively hidden when completely covered by powerbait. One problem here is the trout may not bite through enough powerbait to hit the hook. Leaving a tiny bit of the hook's tip exposed may solve things. Using a treble hook with a trio of slightly exposed barbs solves any worries from three different angles.

Throw Out Dried-Up Bait

Powerbait ceases to stick together as it ages. Yes, the powerbait may stay on the hook even if it won't form a perfect ball, but the problem here is that dried-out powerbait is past its expiration date, and the dried-out ingredients are not likely to attract any fish. The organic matter that comprises the powerbait may very well be dead.

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