Skate Through Time And Into The Future With These Different Skateboard Designs

Over the decades, the skateboard has gone from just a milkcrate with wheels to various forms. Some skate board designs are basic, others allow you to do tricks, and some even allow you to cruise the beachfront or take your board off road. Here are some of the different types of skateboard designs that have developed overtime and the best uses for each of them:

1. Basic Board Designs That Are Perfect to Zip You Around Town

The basic skateboard is a board with roller skate wheels attached to it. These boards are the original and may not be anything special, with a simple form and average wheels. A basic board from any box store will be good enough to get you around town, but may not be ideal for doing tricks and stunts. If you spend a little more, you can get a decent board from an online longboard dealer that will have better axles, wheels and bearings.

2. Boards Designed for Stunts, Tricks and Competitions

There are also boards that are designed for stunts and tricks, which are what you may get from a store that deals in skateboards. These are boards that have high quality wheels with bearings that allow you to reach faster speeds. The boards themselves will be of higher quality and can have custom designs added to them.

3. The California-style Boards That You Cruise the Beach On

In California, many different styles of boards have been created, such as the banana board, which is a narrow board with smaller wheels. The longboard is another board that was first used in California. A Long board is a really long skateboard that allows you to quickly travel across flat paved sidewalks, such as those on the beach front. The longer board and wider wheels give you more stability and control, which makes the long board easier to use for traveling than other smaller boards.

4. Modern Modifications for Off Road Adventures

In addition to the longboard, there are also some modern modifications that have been done to some boards. You can get longboards that have been modified with larger all-terrain wheels and suspension for a board that you can take off-road on biking trails. These off road boards are fun to take on downhill mountain bike courses, but start with easy or moderate trails.

These are the different skateboard styles and their uses, but there are many different variants for each of them. Contact a vendor of longboards, Flippin Board Co., online to find out what board is right for you.